Enter the Machine

A portrait studio for digital files on blockchain

Enter The Machine provides a new way of seeing our digital files that does justice to their uniqueness, the diversity of the data they contain, and the complexity by which they are structured.

In 2023 artist Eric Corriel opened “Enter The Machine: Portrait Studio” on the Ethereum blockchain to further explore the realm of digital file portraiture by connecting with people around the world and creating portraits of their digital files.


Commission Portrait

Please note that the artist is only accepting commissions on a limited basis.

  1. Choose a file from your hard drive that has personal significance for you
  2. Schedule a 15 minute Zoom call with the artist to discuss the commission
  3. Prices typically range from .05Ξ – .5Ξ depending on the data
  4. Portraits typically take 5–7 days to create

Reach out to enterthemachine@ericcorrielstudios.com to get a quote and start the process.